Sony DualSense V2 Wireless-Controller purple

The Sony DualSense V2 Wireless Controller in purple offers immersive haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, and a rechargeable battery. Its ergonomic design and precise controls enhance gaming experiences. The unique selling points include advanced technology, customizable options, and compatibility with PlayStation 5.


The Sony DualSense V2 Wireless Controller in purple offers gamers a cutting-edge gaming experience like never before. This sleek and stylish controller features advanced haptic feedback technology, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone for seamless communication with friends during gameplay. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during long gaming sessions, while the integrated motion sensors allow for precise and intuitive control.

With the Sony DualSense V2 Wireless Controller, players can immerse themselves in their favorite games like never before, feeling every crash, explosion, and impact with incredible realism. The adaptive triggers provide varying levels of resistance, adding a new level of immersion to gameplay. The built-in microphone allows for easy communication with friends and teammates, making it easier than ever to coordinate strategies and tactics.

Overall, the Sony DualSense V2 Wireless Controller in purple offers gamers a truly next-level gaming experience. Its innovative features, comfortable design, and seamless connectivity make it a must-have accessory for any PlayStation enthusiast. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore competitor, this controller will take your gaming experience to new heights.


Type: Gamepad
Color: purple
Area of application: Gaming
Suitable for: PlayStation 5
Game controls: Analog sticks: 2
Control pad: Yes
Touchpad: Yes
Connection: radio and cable
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Connections: 1x USB
Lighting: multi-colored
Headphone/Headset Connection: Yes
Rumble (vibration): Yes
Force Feedback: No
Special features: As usual comfortable design, haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, light bar, integrated speaker, integrated microphone, motion sensors, create button, rechargeable via USB-C
Further information: Battery capacity: 1650 mAh
Accessories: instruction manual
Dimensions: Width: 160mm x Height: 66mm x Depth/Length: 106mm

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