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The Sell on ShoppyDeals program for merchants allows you to build a worldwide company from your laptop. To get started you need the best industry-standard features to promote your business and expand your online presence. No dream is too small to begin with.

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Our subscription service provides access to our platform at an affordable annual cost. This fee provides you with access to all of our features and enables you to utilize our platform to establish and manage your own digital store.

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We know that you are a unique business with exciting Deals to share with the community, and we have removed all of the hard work of setting up an online store.

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How can I sell on Shoppy Deals?

Here are the steps to follow to start selling quickly:

  1. Create a seller account
  2. Set up your store
  3. Manage your orders. Receive your payments

What are the benefits of being a professional seller?

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The Shoppy Deals Marketplace provides a range of features that assist sellers in managing their businesses and generating profits, with the most advanced standard features in the e-commerce market.

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By integrating the Shoppy Deals Marketplace, sellers will be able to create a strong presence on the Internet and benefit from powerful marketing and advertising tools.

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The platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use; there is no need to be an IT expert any more. It offers a variety of ways to help you succeed.

With Shoppy Deals you can:

  • Create and personalise your online store
  • Sell in multiples locations (WEB, Mobile, Social Médias, Marketplace)
  • Manage your products, inventory, paiements and shipping
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How does Shoppy Deals operate?

Shoppy Deals is a marketplace for online shopping that enables you to start, build, and run an online shop.

Shoppy Deals enables you to :
– Create and personalize a store on our Marketplace.
– Sell globally through web, mobile, social media, and physical stores.
– Manage all aspects of your products, inventory, payments, and shipping.

How much does Shoppy Deals charge for selling?

The Shoppy Deals marketplace allows you to use a shop with a budget starting at £1 per day and enjoy the lowest sales commissions on the market.

To use Shoppy Deals, it is necessary to possess graphic design and computer skills?

It’s not necessary to have graphic design or computer skills to sell on Shoppy Deals.

Shoppy Deals registration enables you to:
– Customize the appearance and feel of your store by using the online store editor and themes.
– Enhance the functionality of your store by using modules and applications.